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Career counselling and Career Development Services

If you are serious about achieving career success then identifying your talents and pursuing your passion is critical. Our programmes are uniquely designed to help you achieve just that!

The aim is to identify your true potential, unearth vital skills you didn’t know you had, investigate the available options, and make a realistic plan for the future. Careful assessment followed by objective, professional advice can make all the difference to self-confidence and reassurance in your ability to achieve your career goals.

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Looking for a career focus? Want to get strategic about your career? Wanting to reskill? Re-entering the workforce?

No matter what your stage or age, Career Analysts can assist you in making a career change or re-aligning yourself with your current career path and plan. People change - their needs, values, interests and skills evolve with maturity. It makes sense to be sure that you are making the right career choices and decisions based on your unique traits, at any time in your career and particularly before or committing to your next move or embarking on study using additional time & expense.

Choose the best option for you from the following programmes...



     online career assessment &

     4 coaching sessions

This  four session programme powerfully combines coaching and assessment to assist you to clarify what you really want in your career.  Suitable for people looking to answer that question “What should I do next?” or “What career pathway would make sense for me?"




     online career assessment &

     3 coaching sessions

This programme is dedicated to helping people clarify what they want in their career and to provide support, strategies, resources and coaching on how to make it happen and is tailored to each individual’s objectives.



     online career assessment &

     2 coaching sessions

This intensive programme is effective for those who wish to make strategic career decisions or plans, and for all levels of individuals who are looking to gain clarity, motivation and feel empowered about their career.


careerSTRATEGY session

     online career assessment &

     intensive 1.5 hour coaching session

Impactful at all levels, this intensive programme is effective for those who want to  make sure they are managing their career proactively and in line with their goals, values, talents, motivators and interests. Part of a regular career 'health check', a strategy session helps with career decision making, planning and execution to meet your goals.   



interview success

     2 coaching sessions

Over two sessions we focus on interview skills and techniques so you feel ready when you have your interviews. READ MORE>>


CV consultation and review

     full CV and cover letter

We discuss your CV with you over the telephone with you and review experience, skills, achievements and role targets.  Based on the type of role you are applying for, we then prepare an up-to-date CV that attracts attention, and professionally conveys skills and capabilities to future employers.



Thanks for the coaching. It was extremely insightful and I feel so
much better for having gone through this process. I am
aware now that I probably should spend more time doing
it myself on a regular basis. It was incredibly enlightening. Please feel free to use me for
a testimonial should you want to

SH, teacher

"I went to see Career Analysts last year when I was dealing with a large amount of stress in my life and was uncertain of what the next step was. After spending some time in one on one sessions I found it to be incredibly useful, enlightening and motivating.I am now on the path to what I want to achieve and feel much better for it

PH, HR professional