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Career Analysts - occupational psychologists and career coaching
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online CareerCENTRE™

am I on the right path?

             what really motivates me?

                                     what am I suited to?

How many people are really happy in their jobs? A recent study showed that more than 40% of people who are failing in or are dissatisfied with their careers, didn’t get proper career guidance or planning early in their lives.

Our online careerASSESSMENT centre is your first step in career planning. It is a quick but comprehensive analysis of you, your preferences, goals and abilities, that generates insightful recommendations and career options.

Through CareerASSESSMENT you will also be able to utilise a range of tools and resources to help you get moving on the journey towards a fulfilling career path.

CareerASSESSMENT includes four career tools:

Career Motivators What path should I take? Sample report
Career Talents What am I suited to? Sample report
Career Preferences What's the right job for me? Sample report
Career Values How do I decide what next? Sample report

Click here to register your interest

Please ensure to send your full details (name, email, phone numbers) and area of interest

For best value, use our online career centre for a group rate available to you to complete in your own time and re-visit the career resource centre as many times as you like in the future.

It’s proven that people who follow careers which match their personality, interests, skills, values, attitudes and aptitude are happier in what they do and have a better chance of making a success of it. Our Career Centre empowers you to plan a career designed for you, to either get it right the first time or to make a career change with confidence.

Get started now on creating the future you deserve...

The online career centre was so easy to use.  I couldn't believe the career suggestions and how easy it was to begin researching my next steps from what course I should study through to getting my cv together and cracking the interview. I know I will use this resource many times over.  Thank-you Career Analysts for a life-changing resource

JB, mid-life career changer

Remember me???
Thought I'd let you know how i'm getting on. Well i'd say im doing pretty good. I've found a course that almost seems perfect. I ts almost as they made it for me. Anyway I'm still impressed at how fast the Career Assessments came up with all that. I'm suprised i never saw what I should do before. You should be proud of what you do - its awesome and it helps .

Cheers Career Analysts for all your help - Kris